Jack White helped determine our namesake + is now determined to help gender equality

A few years ago, I read a NY Times Magazine interview with Jack White where he cited St. Rita as one of his favorite patron saints. This was the first time I'd ever heard her name, and became instantly intrigued when I learned she is known as the "patron saint of the impossible".  Her story was beautiful and inspirational, defying seeming insurmountable odds stacked against her as a woman in her time period. This was the birth of the name STRITA.

Fast forward to today where Nashville mayor Megan Barry announced the formation of a Council on Gender Equity, with Jack White among the flagship members. The role of the 45-member Council will be to study gender equality in Nashville and report back their findings to the mayor.

White appeared alongside the mayor during today’s announcement and shared with the press a few remarks: “A society can prosper with incredible success when gender is not blocking progress, and is fair to all members of that society."

Some more notable excerpts of his speech below:

"it is embarrassing that in 2016 there are any differences in benefits or wages between genders in our society. gender equity is something that should’ve been solved a century ago worldwide, and it is sad that we even need to address it. if the person does the work, the benefits of doing that work, should be equal among all human beings.


i also must stress that the labels of gender and sexuality are completely up to the individual and not the people who employ them, or the government. if a person is born into a different scenario or a different type of physical body, they shouldn’t be treated in any degrading fashion. if they choose to represent themselves as transgender or gender neutral even, it should not effect their wages or benefits or how they are treated by other human beings."


Thank you Jack White for your inspiration and support, Strita DTLA would not exist as it does without you!

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