Ladies We Love: Bibi Bourelly

When it comes to women taking control of their success and turning their dreams into reality, look no further than the hot and hungry Bibi Bourelly. 22 years old and killing it, writing songs for Rihanna (Bitch Better Have My Money, Higher), Kanye West, and Selena Gomez (to name a few), and having just released her own EP titled “Free the Real,” this powerhouse is a voice to listen to and a soul to follow.

“Part of what makes Bourelly so mesmerizing is her willingness—lyrically and otherwise—to embrace the jagged, inglorious edges of her youth. She writes songs about love gone bad, friendships gone bad, and self-empowerment—all shot through with something like unabashed exhilaration.” – Interview Magazine

Being a strong, young woman in the male dominated music industry can be daunting, but Bibi’s drive, fire, and individuality are just a few things that set her apart from mainstream pop artists, and give other women the inspiration and empowerment she strives to provide to her fans. Her ability to embrace any situation, whether it be negative or positive, and turn them into a bad-ass-do-you power hit, give her the real-girl vibes we love. Having grown up in the industry, Bibi’s music is a true extension of her being, something that is honest and unapologetic. We love the way she presents her art with a quirky yet straight up sexy confidence, and just like every STRITA woman, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

“But I want to encourage people to be comfortable with themselves and their imperfections and own up to the shit that they do wrong and fucking embrace the things that they do right and be exactly who they are. Beyond just young girls. Like, whoever the fuck—young girls, old guys, middle-aged women, boys ... I feel like my job as an artist is to help eliminate labels and boundaries in this whole box that we put ourselves in. And all these words that we use to define ourselves ... Like, we're human beings; we're too complex and too intricate to be defined. So I just want to promote truth, promote honesty, love, all those different things. I want to inspire people to be who they are."

Check out the rest of her interview from Interview Mag here, and add her EP “Free the Real” to your Spotify playlist ASAP. Check out the rest of her interview with Interview Mag here.


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