When the United State of Women Summit happened in Washington in June, it brought together thousands of people for the sake of women across the country. Everyone at the summit identifies as feminist, and believes that women should be able to accomplish whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want, and take control over their own lives because they are strong, capable, intelligent individuals doing amazing things every day. Celebrities, politicians, television personalities, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers spoke about sexual assault and violence against women, racism, intellectual power, education, women’s rights, and hosted some amazing speeches from attendees, including both of the Obamas, VP Biden, Oprah, and many more, all with the ultimate goal of inspiring action towards gender equality. We could talk about specific moments from the summit all day, but more importantly, how can we move forward? We must keep this fantastically important national conversation alive.

The answer is as simple as a hashtag, #StateOfWomen. The summit’s official website is a really wonderful and interactive site that can be used to learn and explore the different issues we face as women in different aspects of life, and how we can help support organizations that are battling these issues in order to gain equality for women in the United States.

The United State of Women rests on six “pillars,” which provide information on economic empowerment, health and wellness, educational opportunity, violence against women, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as leadership and civic engagement. Each section then opens up into subcategories, for example: the economic empowerment section expands to then cover equal pay, minimum wage, paid sick leave, paid family leave, child care, earned income tax credit, healthcare, economic and political participation, and labor force participation. We love this site because it is such an easy way to educate yourself and get involved at your own pace. 


As a woman led company, we are all about changing the world for women across the globe, and couldn’t agree more with their tag line, “Together, we will change tomorrow.” Click here to explore the website for yourself and learn how to get involved! And be sure to watch their incredible video while you're at it.


Check back in with us next week for more news that inspires us here at STRITA xx

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