"Being a woman is simply being the queen we were all meant to be." - TIARA

"Being a feminist means loving that I am a female -- it's loving femininity. People feel ashamed of it or associate it with being weak and I don't think it is -- it's discovering there's power in femininity." YHIVI

"I think everyone would say the sexiest part of a woman is confidence, but I think the other part of that is vulnerability, and not being afraid to really be yourself even when it's uncomfortable." - ELYSE

"Advice I'd give to younger women or my younger self: i
t's not all a competition. We like to compare ourselves -- how we look, what we're doing with our lives. At the end of the day, we're all still trying to figure it out -- we're all in the same place, we're all women, we're all sisters." - MELINA

"I feel like being a woman has been owned by - not women - and there's the internalized misogyny that's been conditioned into women as a result. Being a girl and developing into a woman can be really difficult with all these mixed messages: love yourself, but be skinny. Be good at cooking, but you should be smart and go to college. Look pretty, but you can never say you're pretty otherwise you're conceited... it can be really confusing." - JESS
"I embrace my curves, curves are sexy, soft, and feminine." - AMBER
"You can be something else other than what your chromosomes say you are, and that is because there's a state of being, a state of mind -- you can't help it when you're feeling tired, or sad, or happy, or lonely, that's just how you are, that's how you feel. To be put into a little box, from birth, you're being told this is who are you, this is who you have to be -- but in the end, it's you who decides who you ultimately become, it's up the individual to determine their destiny and I find that really liberating." - AUDREE
"To me, being a woman means -- being yourself, loving others, and showing compassion." LAUREL